Soundwalk With R. Murray Schafer

openearswalk-400 Miss Mussel has been terribly remiss in her blogging duties for the Open Ears Festival. The list of excuses is long but desperately boring, so instead she will give a little plug for the RARE Soundwalks that are running nearly every day from now till the end of the Festival.

Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, Miss Mussel will be going on one. She is in two minds about tweeting from such an event mainly because although any noise she makes while doing so is entirely welcome as part of the environmental sounds Soundwalkers are meant to be tuning in to, taking time out from the listening to tweet seems kind of counterproductive.

At any rate, you can follow Miss M on the Twitter at @missmussel should you be so inclined.

There will definitely be photographs though. Miss Mussel’s iPhone is too new and therefore too much of a novelty not to be played with at some point on the walk.

According to its website, RARE is a stunning 370-hectare (913-acre) nature reserve located at the meeting of the Grand and Speed Rivers & right in the middle of one of the fastest-growing areas in Southern Ontario. The site also says that RARE is the largest non-government owned urban green space in Canada.

There is a bus leaving from across Kitchener City Hall at 2pm which will take you to the RARE site. It is suggested that even if you have car, you consider taking the bus because of limited parking availability at the RARE site. Although the walk is not overly strenuous, sensible shoes, weather-appropriate clothing and a bottle of water will help matters considerably.

The walk itself is 3 hours and the shuttle bus returns to City Hall at roughly 7pm. This will give you (and Miss Mussel) enough time to grab a quick bite to eat and get to the Humanities Theatre at The University of Waterloo (NOT CITS as previously mentioned) for Eve Egoyan and the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony.

Just in case you’re wondering where RARE is, it’s here.

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  1. ziggy doo

    Hey, rare is a beautiful facility, I was on the soundwalk yesterday, everyone should try to see this! Incidentally EVE EGOYAN and THE KWS Open Ears / Intersections show is at UW’s Humanities Theatre (I have tickets!)and NOT Centre in the Square. Francisco Lopez is at Waterloo Regional Children’s Museum at 10:30 tonight. That’s going to amaze.

    • Miss Mussel

      I’m looking forward to going on the walk today. I’ve lived on Guelph for nearly 20 years and have never heard of RARE before now.

      Thanks for the venue correction. I would hate for people to turn up at the wrong place!

  2. ziggy doo

    rare is formerly Cruickston Charitable Research Reserve (say it with me thrice!.
    Kudos to KWS for OPEN EARS, it’s a gem on the cultural landscape and deserves its 10 days in the spotlight. They should consider an annual event, Open Ears is a growing festival with excellent programming.

    See you in the aisles!

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