#OperaPlot Press Clippings

It’s a tribute to the weird and wonderful world of the Internet that #operaplot is becoming anything at all, so in an effort to map the trail, here’s where the contest has been mentioned so far. If you know of another link, please leave it in the comments.

There’s no press snobbery here. Blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio, skywriting airplanes…we’ll list it all.

To all those that gave a shout out, wrote an article or told a friend, please accept Miss Mussel’s sincerest thanks. The contest would have faded into nothing without your participation.

If it appears that Miss Mussel has forgotten you, she probably has. She is far too young to get to the bottom of the stairs and forget why she’s there but it happens. Just put the link in the comments and it will get added in due course.

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