Washington National Opera Leads With Brilliant #OperaPlot Prize Pack

Hello #operaplotters!

The first #operaplot competition was launched on a whim and ended up being far more successful than Miss Mussel could have dreamed. Basically, she underestimated your nerdiness…a rather silly mistake, in hindsight. Because the contest was so short and mostly under the radar, it was over before many of you could participate.

The only solution to that sad state of affairs is, of course, another round. Because all of us heart opera, it seemed that the best possible prizes would be tickets to see an actual opera. CDs and DVDs are great but nothing beats live theatre.

Fortunately, opera companies around the world agree and have generously offered a variety of ticket packages for the winners to choose from.

The Washington National Opera was the first to join in the fun and is offering 2 premium tickets to WNO’s season-closing Turandot on 4th June 2009 and 2 tickets to Opera Ball at the German Embassy on 5th June 2009 — a prize pack worth approximately $1000.

Palm Beach Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, Lyric Opera San Diego, Florentine Opera, Sarasota Opera and Wolf Trap have all made tickets available to winners should they so choose them.

Opera North, based in Leeds, is representing the United Kingdom.

A complete list of participating houses can be found here. It is growing by the hour, so keep on checking back to see who’s been added. Alternatively, follow #operaplot or @missmussel on Twitter to get up to the minute notices.

The idea is that any winner, anywhere in the world will be able to attend an opera near to where they live. Tickets to the Canadian Opera Company aren’t that useful if you live in St Louis. It’s a lofty goal, but we’re all about goodwill towards the arts around here, so it’s one worth trying for.

For those new to the game, here’s how it works:

1) Summarize an opera plot in 140 characters or less. It’s easiest to do this on Twitter but space will be provided online for those who would rather participate via comment. The entry must include the tag #operaplot, so Miss Mussel can track the entries.

2) Wait until the winners are announced. Patience optional.

3) If you are a winner, you may choose from the available prizes. First prize gets first choice, second prize second etc.

4) If you are a winner and there are no tickets available that are of any use to you, we’ll sort something else out.

5) The contest will be adjudicated by a surprise judge whose identity will be revealed shortly.

6) The contest will begin in 2-3 weeks. Firm dates will be announced in the next day or so.

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