Open Ears 2009: Blue Dot

At the risk of being your annoying neighbour who runs across the street with her vacation snaps the minute you come home from grocery shopping, here are some more photographs from the Open Ears Festival in Kitchener. It finished this morning, so there will be no further photo essays. Promise. Also, the novelty of iPhone is wearing off slightly. Bejewelled is still great though, just as an FYI.

There was meant to be some actual commentary about the events but most of Miss Mussel’s time was spent actually attending new events instead of writing about past ones. How do you full time people do it?

These images are all from the final main event of the festival, The Blue Dot, which took place in an abandoned tannery with Portapotties bearing signs that said, “Please Be Gentle.” Miss Mussel didn’t know whether to find that amusing or frightening.

Throughout the evening/morning, there were “happenings.” No Yoko, but there were several quite interesting events, the longest of which was a piece by Canadian composer Gordon Monahan that involved three men swinging speakers over their heads for 25 minutes. One of those men was KW Symphony conductor Edwin Outwater. He’s on the far left and shows up only as a glowing ball of light in the photographs. The video, shot by fellow Tri-Cities+Guelph blogger Esther Wheaton shows the action a little better.

Getting Into The Swing Of Things







  1. Ren

    My video is all over the internet! Holy smokes. Also, it’s I know, I know, I should change it.

    I’m doing a directory of all the Open Ears blogging going on–do you know of any other than Muffy and TeleViper, you and me?

    • Miss Mussel

      You’re an internet star! Edwin had something up with your video about the Swinging Speaker. Sorry about the URL, it was on my list of things to change but I must have fallen asleep before it got done.

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