Open Ears 2009: Installations

Whispering Room Jane CardiffKitchener Waterloo Art Gallery
16 speakers each play part of a dialogue in which a female voice describes an event from various viewpoints.

Frequent Mutilations: A Symphony Of Tape Loops – Andrew O’Connor – Artery Gallery
A celebration of one of Canada’s longest running audio art programs – Frequent Mutilations – which ran on CKMS FM for close to 25 years.

Syncopated PrecipitationGordon Monahan – Kitchener City Hall Fountain Pool
Water drops fall onto a collection of suspended and amplified metal and plastic objects to form a playful and rhythmic percussion ensemble. [Ed:Ensemble was more playful than expected. i.e. It rained]

Spirit In Sound: Music Ecology Surround SoundscapesJames Harley – Kitchener City Hall Rotunda
Electroacoustic music that explores a range of soundscapes evoking place and culture in ways that are real and/or fantastical

Butterflies: theatre for the ears VII (Dancing Oscilloscope and Sound) Giorgio Magnanensi – Zero To One Gallery
a place for things just to come and be as they are…flowing through limitless space which belongs wholly neither to sound or the imagination.

Obsolescence: Sounds Of The City From An Altered PianoMicheline Roi – Walper Terrace Art Gallery
In this installation, the piano is positioned as a curiosity, an antique piece of furniture by which other sounds are made, not by it but on it.

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  1. i know this might sound weird, but i’m taking a music survey class and need to survey 50 people. All i need to know is if you’ve ever played the piano. Literally, have your fingers every touched piano keys. Thanks!

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