#Operaplot Winners – Round 2

Ok, everyone, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Thank you so much for your patience. Danielle De Niese took her judging duties quite seriously and returned quarter final, semi final, top 25 results before paring the list down to the seven best ones. Amazing.

It turns out that two people, @wordsandmusic and @voxdixit had two entries chosen. Well done to yous two. You still only get to choose one prize though.

Since the results are unranked, the order in which the winners will choose their prize was decided randomly by a randomly chosen Twitter volunteer @greerbee. The decision was made by ordering the entry numbers, not Twitter name, so it’s fair.

And the winners are (in the order of prize-choosing):

Stephen Llewellyn – There was a young lady called Fricka Who…who…*snore* “Wake up & it’s over.” It’s good, I just wish it were quicka. [The Ring]

@wordsmusic – Here’s my castle. Are you afraid? No, I’m going to open all those damn doors! Are you afraid? No, let me in! Who’s that? Oh shit. [Bluebeard]

@wordsmusic– Dear Don, 1003 women in Spain alone is too many. You’ll be in deep shit when my dad’s ghost gets to you. Go to hell. Love, Anna [Don Giovanni]

@musicbizkid – Let me get this straight: unfathomable treasure if I betroth my loopy daughter to a ghost? Deal. She’ll meet you by the fjord. [The Flying Dutchman]

DrGeoduck – Who wants to live forever? Me! No, wait, i changed my mind. *dies* [The Makropolus Case]

@voxdixit – Monk: Repent, courtesan! [Meditation] Courtesan: Okay! Monk: Wait, there is no God after all! Courtesan: Too late, I’m dead! [Thais]

@voxdixit – Do a little dance (for Herod), make a little love (with the severed head of John the Baptist), get killed tonight! [Salome]

Honourable Mentions

@ogiovetti – Wife cross-dresses as a guard to get her husband out of jail free. Pandemonium ensues. Whatever happened to a file in a cake? [Fidelio]

@otterhouse – Samson had more hairs then brains… [Samson and Delilah]

@BrianRobison – Pure fool resists sexy sorceress, gains holy spear, saves King and Grail knights. Now poster boy for abstinence education. [Parsifal]

Congratulations all!

Stay tuned to see what prizes are chosen.

Winners: Miss Mussel will be in touch as to the next steps.

Would you have chosen something else? Let’s hear about it. Put your favourites in the comments.


  1. frindley

    For absolute poetry and insightful capturing of the essence, my favourite was:
    Amatory lepidopterist traps fragile specimen among Nagasaki cherry blossoms. Fumbling to release her, he crushes her instead. @primalamusica – Madama Butterfly

    And again, for capturing the essence in a single flowing sentence that I could imagine sharing with someone in a foyer:
    Contestant on macabre Hungarian gameshow ignores all hints from the host and opens one mystery door too many. @primalamusica – Bluebeard’s Castle

  2. James (@musicbizkid)

    Congrats to all, and sincere gratitude to Miss Mussel and Danielle De Niese for their efforts. A logistical nightmare turned enrapturing geek-fest… I was transfixed by my #operaplot stream on TweetDeck.

    @primalamusica’s Bluebeard was one of my favorites, as well! And @nbrockmann’s L’Elisir, Figaro, and Tosca left me slack-jawed in wonder. A testament to the creativity and skill of all entrants that there will be so many favorites that didn’t make the list. Congratulations, everyone. Really. Brilliant.

  3. Stephen Llewellyn

    I am, naturally, thrilled! Many thanks to you Ms Mussel for the extraordinary amount of effort you put into this competition. I hope you are gratified by the interest shown number of entries you received. By the way, on Twitter I am @leboyfriend

  4. MW

    DrGeoduck should get special commendation for a twofer: the good Doctor’s summary works perfectly for both Faust and The Makropoulos Case.

  5. DrGeoduck

    Actually, The Makropulos Case was the opera I had in mind when I wrote that summary. But Faust works just about as well.

    And, like Stephen Llewellyn, I am thrilled and excited to have been chosen as one of the winners.

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