The Clap

@holeytonal from London drew Miss Mussel’s attention to this Youtube delight featuring that guy from the Orange commercials and Mr Collins from the wet-shirt Pride & Prejudice. For all its silliness, the film really does capture the fragile dynamics of the performer/listener relationship.

Performers – would you have done the same thing or is it good riddance to irritating listeners?


  1. Nicole

    Love this video. Makes me think of all of the annoying habits of Audience Members I Have Known. One of them liked to know exactly how long various people’s performances of different movements or pieces were (so that he could … what? go home and compare the data with some ginormous database?), so about a second after you’d start playing, he’d turn the stopwatch on his digital watch on with a beep. Guess what’s on all my live recordings from that period? Yep.

    I cannot tell you how tickled I am that the way to distinguish between the two versions of Pride and Prejudice is to call this one the wet-shirt version, for obvious reasons. I thoroughly approve. :)

    • Miss Mussel

      PEOPLE ARE SO WEIRD – timing a performance? Attempts to quantitatively measure a qualitative experience are strange to me though simply because I really don’t see the point. Even record collecting doesn’t appeal on those grounds.

      When I see someone with a score and a pencil at a concert I always want to ask them why they didn’t just stay home and listen.

      But then again, it is the weirdos that are the most interesting in an anthropological sense.

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