How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter

Hello Twitter newbs! What follows is a brief set of guidelines to help you get the most out of Twitter. It’s a rather simple service and premise but like any sub-culture there are rules and norms that can be a bit tricky to figure out at first.

Following – in order to see what people are saying, you have to follow them. You do not need to ask permission to follow someone, you can just click on the profile and select follow. Trouble is, in order to follow someone, you have to know they exist. The easiest way to find people you might like to follow is to find out who other people are following and do the same.

Go to someone’s profile (MissMussel, Chris Foley for example) and cherry pick some people you think may be interesting. It is perfectly normal to follow someone even if you don’t know the person already.

If after following someone for a while you find they are annoying or post too often for your liking, simply unfollow them. They will not receive a letter saying you hate them or anything, so no need to worry about causing offense.

TwitterParticipating – Twitter is much more enjoyable if you make an effort to chat with people or join in existing games or quizzes. If you like something someone else has said, you can retweet what they wrote simply by hitting the RT button.

Alternatively, if you wish to reply to someone, either type @missmussel, @chrisfoley etc and then your tweet or hit the arrow icon.

Finally, if you have a private message such as a telephone number, type an uppercase D and the person’s name (D missmussel My number is …..) and it will be for their eyes only rather than in public.

Managing There are several efficient ways to manage your tweets that don’t require visiting the Twitter website all the time. This makes it much easier to dip in an out during the workday and not feel like you have to read a huge pile when you do decide to visit. Applications like Tweetdeck, make following topics like #operaplot or #olympics a piece of cake.

If you have any questions, pop them in the comments here or just ask someone. The Twitter music crowd is a rather friendly one, so someone will be happy to help. All the best for this round of #operaplot and making some new friends via Twitter!


  1. Howard Freeland

    Maybe I’m too dumb for this but I cannot make a comment appear on the #operaplot area of Twitter. I am following #satopera but can’t find a way to follow #operaplot. I get into the #operaplot area so I can see sll of the messages and type in the top box, where it asks me what I’m doing or whatever and type:-

    #operaplot Amelia finds herbs at the foot of the gallows, everyone dances and conspirators ensure the King will die by the hand of a friend.

    But it never appears in the #operaplot area, I think I’ve done that 3 times now. So, what am I doing wrong?

    • Miss Mussel

      Hello Howard – Welcome to Twitter!

      It’s an easy fix…not to worry, you’re not dumb. All you need to do is switch out @satopera for #operaplot and your entry will be visible in the #operaplot stream.

      It doesn’t have anything to do with area of the site you are in but rather what you put in the message text.

      Using the @ symbol means you are only posting your message on satopera’s bulletin board, which is visible only to people following satopera.

      The hashtag (#) means your message is visible to anyone following the #operaplot (or #nhl, #thesimpsons etc) topic, more like a conversation. The participants don’t have to be following each other to keep track of what’s happening.

      Personally I find the Twitter site annoying to use and prefer the desktop client called Tweetdeck. Here’s an easy outline of what that is.

      If you have any other questions, either leave another comment her or ask me on Twitter. My name there is missmussel.

      All the best,
      Miss M

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