Day 2: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Day 1 was all about restraint and tradition. On Day 2, Miss Mussel is kicking off her boots and enjoying the holiday season with a side of go-go dancers. All I Want For Christmas Is You seems just the sort of song to that might have been blaring from the jukebox at the pub round the corner from the Inn; out of sight of the newly-born child but still well within reach of the shepherds after they were finished at the manger.

Miss Mussel’s rather formidable inner snob usually forbids the liking of Celine, Mariah et al but this time the music is enough to transcend any nose downlooking. It’s a fun, fluffy, perfectly constructed bonbon and one of the few pop songs to have carved out permanent place in the Christmas canon.

According to that fount of all knowledge worth knowing, [Wikipedia] in 2006 the song became the best selling holiday ring tone. The Grammy is no longer the arbiter of musical greatness. Ringtones reign supreme.

This toe-tapper was written by Mariah Carey and her frequent collaborator [but not husband] Walter Afanasieff in 1994 for her Merry Christmas album.

The Nancy Sinatra treatment is the alternate video for the song and since it appears that the original, featuring home video footage of Carey in a red one-piece snow suit has gone AWOL, number two will have to do. Don’t be too sad, though. Mariah has pumped up the jam in 2009 and released a holiday remix.


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