Everything You Thought You Knew Is Wrong

No, seriously. Miss Mussel has been collecting news items over the last few weeks that are perfect for facilitating conversations with [read: pushing the buttons of] your Christmas dinner companions. After all, there’s nothing better for strengthening family relations than laying on the couch with a belly full of turkey and casually suggesting that, according to the Intertubes, the truth your relative holds most dear is actually baloney.

So, without further adieu, Miss Mussel would like to present Wrong: A Family Funtimes Party Game.

If none of these suit, take a quick tour of The Straight Dope. You’ll find all sorts of gems that can be casually slipped into any conversation that looks as if it’s heading towards the twin quagmires of health problems and commuting stories.

Should you be overcome by Christmas Spirit and desire a calm, happy afternoon with no danger of shouting, maybe memorize some kitten facts.

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