Handbell Hero

Assuming that most people are working a half day today, Miss Mussel has saved a treat for the final hour. Gather your office mates round the computer and have a go at the utterly fantastic Handbell Hero.

As near as Miss Mussel can make out, Handbell Hero is in its third incarnation as a holiday funtimes publicity for the VML marketing agency. Here’s how it developed way back when decade was still middle-aged.

“Handbell Hero ’07 originated over an off-site creative breakfast. One person said, “Hey, what should we do for Christmas this year?” Then somebody said, “Dude. This coffee is hot.” And someone else said, “But my muffin is fresh.” Which naturally brought Guitar Hero to mind, so we spent the next 35 minutes discussing high scores and stuff.

But eventually we got back to Christmas. And someone said “How about a music video starring our Flossie in a red sequined gown singing carols on top of a baby grand?” Well, that was totally ridiculous because Flossie doesn’t do strapless this time of year – even with long gloves. So then we all agreed the white gloves you wear in handbell choirs are pretty cool. And, voila! Handbell Hero ’07 was born.

Trained musicians will find it confusing because the pitches don’t always correspond with their vertical position on the staff but that’s ok. Leveling the playing field just makes it more fun for everyone. At the moment, you can choose from three seasonal songs. There’s a marketing lesson in here somewhere but who cares…it’s Christmas and it can wait until January.

If you turn out to be a handbell ninja, as Miss Mussel apparently is, you can look forward to the following ego boost:

Handbell Hero

Booya…..or something.

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