Day 24: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!

Miss Mussel is dragging herself to the Advent finish line on the back of this thriller of a carol. It’s old school majestic and unafraid of appearing a spectacle. Feast your ears on David Willcocks‘ classic arrangement sung at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Of the two famous cathedrals in town, St Paul’s is by far the boomiest. That the conductor (wonderfully effete and ever-so-slightly ginger in a way only a British man can be) kept everyone together is a a small miracle in it’s own right. Miss Mussel is willing to bet that the organist finished at least a whole bar before the congregation.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing was composed by Charles Wesley and set to a tune by Mendelssohn. The carol is traditionally sung at the end of the Nine Lessons And Carols Service at King’s College, Cambridge.

It is late in the season and Miss Mussel is out of historical factoids and dinner table anecdotes, so if you’d like to study up and impress your companions, head over to the fount of all knowledge and take a sip.

Miss Mussel hopes you have enjoyed the Advent Odyssey as much as she has. Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special treat.

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