Matt Andersen – O Holy Night – Vinyl Cafe

Reader A. brings tidings of great joy – Matt Andersen and O Holy Night have made it onto Youtube courtesy of Techy72. Now you can see what had Miss Mussel at a loss for words – no mean feat!

Andersen is accompanied by pianist John Sheard and double bassist Dennis Pendrith and the video was shot at the Centre In The Square, Kitchener during the Vinyl Cafe’s Christmas show on Thursday, 17th December.

Like this? 57 other versions await. A full review of the show is here.


  1. Barbara

    Did you ever notice that after the performance when Stuart is walking back on stage the pianist gives him a little nod as much to say ‘yep – he did it again…’

  2. I saw the Vancouver version of the Vinyl Cafe this Christmas, and Matt Andersen’s performances brought me to tears, literally. Such a magical performance thanks so much for posting the video, easily my favourite Christmas carol now.

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