Day 15: The First Nowell

Reader Pat suggested these 3 minutes of silliness in the comments last year and really, who among us has not sat through a performance that pretty well matches this one? Generous lashings of earnest and awful combined with a dash of Christmas cheer can only equal endearing.

If it’s your job to provide the Christmas Day entertainment, there’s an equally magnificent Silent Night you may wish to bookmark.

The First Noel (or Nowell if you like) is of English origin and at least 500 years old although some people think it could be up to 900. Kind of like Miss Mussel’s Great Aunt Mabel. *rimshot* Just kidding! She’s not English at all.

There are nine verses, three of which are rarely sung because of awkward lie/-ly rhymes, non-Christmas content and mention of that seasonal giggle-inducer – the ass.

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