Best Spam Ever

Akisment has kept the most egregious specimens out the OM comment well but every so often one rogue message manages to swim the moat. The following missive was caught trying to append itself to an 18-month old post about Clint Eastwood’s mad composing skillz.

January 23rd, 2010

Mr. Clint Eastwood,
Academy Award Winning Actor (90 Awards),
10 Universal City Plaza,
Universal City California,

Mr. Alexander Simon,
Professional Play-Write,
Sir William Place,
Suite #305C,
8820-85 Street,
Boonie Doon,
Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Mr. Eastman:

I am please to forward the following outline Starring Ms. Brenda Lee and also Ms. Janet Lee.

The Film adaptation of “The Leather Reign;” here: in a Texas mood set in a true reincarnation event Levi-Stauss Company Lead then millionaire Mr. Nicolas Aun, all Edmonton born founded this gold mill in 1810 A nun Domini in Austin of U.S.A., now! While clothing for war then brought a mint, The Levi-Strauss Co., headed the world in western gear, and the fight for recognition for quality wear was fueld by Mr. Aun, all true and well respected in the Article of clothing and not just here in Capital City of their same Clothiers known for war as The Mickeuye Clothing Firm in compete during Civil unrest due to individuals entering with-out a permit from the nation then called Alytoe.

Similar to Mr. Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter;” the style of the gray and dark mood furnished to ‘blend’ to the surrounding to avoid “gun-fire” to hit for Texas was in the midst of a gold rush near Nevada and men gained pay, therefore; Texas secured mineral rights for the protect and assist which lead to Nation wealth securing America and neighbouring Canada, especially Alberta ultra pay for schooling, hoteling and governing all municipalities true; in this remarkable Film, Award winning, Mr. James Caan is pretend brother to ‘Nick;’ and called Ted Bann of Calgary, Alberta.

Here two women of amazing beauty of natural savvy ride in from Sidney, Ontario leaving behind two acres of tobacco field called Rothmans worth over $20,000.00 American now; the reason Ms Judy Iun of Hungary born and an equal marry, Ms Judy, also first name, Jye; are ousted due to being clean and not wanting to per misc with un-lawful folk!

This riveting Movie will expect to yield $10-million American in pay for debut!!

I thank you for over-reading this brief Out-line for sale of $20,000.00 in American, only.


Mr. Alexander Simon.

The weird thing it that no URL was left and pharmaceuticals are nowhere to be found in the text. A quick Google reveals that Mr Simon is a prolific writer of detailed but nonsensical comments at least tangentially related to the original post. The apartment building exists but the telephone number is registered to someone else.

Obviously Miss Mussel has spent far too much time thinking about this. Considering that the alternatives are 6 hours of audio transcription or 1,000 words on estate tax, she feels confident that the Internet won’t judge too harshly.

Anyone else have a visit from Mr Simon?

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