Glissando Wars: Counterstrike

Alex Ross has a list of his top ten glisses over at Unquiet Thoughts. Most of them are pretty cool although there is one glaring omission. Ladies and gents, spare a thought for Lassus Trombone.

This novelty, composed by Henry Fillmore in 1915, was on one of the $4.99 bargain bin classical discs Miss Mussel bought when she acquired her first hi-fi. It was one of those classical compilations and this piece, along with the Pizzicato Polka, The Skaters’ Waltz and The Radetzky March are directly responsible for getting this bivalve into classical music.

The journey into Aladdin’s cave continued with Tannhauser, 1812, William Tell and Lohengrin, chaperones sourced from a similarly priced Famous Overtures disc.

Without Excelsior Classic Gold, Miss Mussel would most likely be looking forward to the end of her 8th year as a high school history teacher. Instead, she is a sometimes-employed arts journalist who mostly writes books for other people. Maybe she should have splashed out a few extra bucks and bought a Madonna disc instead.

But back to Lassus Trombone. Internet, they are glissing in parts. Top that if you dare.

There are two run-throughs on this video by the same band but in different costumes. If the awkwardness of middle-aged army trombonists trying to be charming/flirtatious/cheeky with the crowd makes your skin crawl, start at 2:25.

This version is a little too relaxed for Miss Mussel’s taste but it is vintage Welk and, as long time readers know, she is an unashamed fan.

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