Canada Wins The Olympics

This afternoon Miss Mussel legged it from a Baroque dance concert to one of the dodgiest bars in downtown Kitchener to catch the last 10 minutes of the third period. As she opened the door, the heads of all 13 men assembled there swiveled to look at the slightly frazzled girl that had just invaded their sanctuary.

An empty bar during such an epic event is off-putting in the same way as going to Chinese restaurant and discovering that no actual Chinese people ever eat there is. Because everyone else knew the city well enough to find a better place to watch the game Miss Mussel was afforded a brilliant seat next to the big screen and some very prompt service.

Those last ten minutes were excruciatingly tense and when the goal came with :24 remaining, Miss Mussel’s stomach dropped to her feet. Our Olympic cake will not be iced! It was all so perfect. Noooooooooo!

But then, 7:40 into sudden death overtime and just as Miss Mussel was about to slip into a pit of despair, there was this:

22-year old Sidney Crosby wins Canada the Olympics. Sure, our downstairs neighbours got more total medals but we have 1/10 of the population, 5 more gold and universal health care, so….ummm….yeah.

CTV has a lovely precis of the game but for reasons Miss Mussel has not as yet been able to divine, the video is not embedable.

We’re not really ones for over the top patriotic displays up here but every so often, usually around the hockey, we collectively transmogrify into a sea of red and white and allow ourselves to feel the warm glow of national pride. It’s a great feeling. Here’s to 2014!


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