My Tweets Aren’t Showing Up In Twitter Search

Ok – it seems this is too big a problem for 140 characters.

Miracle of miracles, Reader Rick got a hold of the people at Twitter help and found out that if you joined Twitter specifically for #operaplot [good on ya!] or are resurrecting a dormant account, it may take a few days for Twitter to index your tweets.

There is also some evidence from other #operaplotters suggesting that following more people, getting more followers and tweeting more helps speed the process along.

Sometime tomorrow, Miss Mussel will post a list on the OM of all the tweets received so far categorized by opera. You will be given a chance to

a) make sure your submissions have appeared
b) make sure the #operaplot team categorized them properly.

If, by the end of the contest on Friday, your entries aren’t up on this site, don’t worry. There will still be opportunity to make sure your little bits of genius don’t languish in obscurity.

So, in short: Make some friends, join some convos and try to be patient. Miss Mussel knows that it sucks not to be able to participate fully but that’s all the more motivation to keep tweeting until next year, so your account is ready to dazzle the world with your brilliance!

P.S. If you have set your account to private, meaning you have to approve people to follow you, no amount of patience will make your tweet appear in the search stream. You have to set your account to public. If you did not set your account to private on purpose when you signed on, it will be public by default.

Questions? Put them in the comments and Miss Mussel will do her best to answer.

Happy Plotting!

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  1. egmeijer

    I had the same problem some days in a row. Only following miss Mussel (thanks for this great competition, great fun!), no followers yet. However I retried at 8 o’clock GMT, both yersterday and today, deleting posted, but not yet processed messages (check twitter search, query your account), re-entered, resent and they were processed immediately. So keep trying at various (unusual?) times.

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