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La Boheme (Puccini – )
Opera Viva -Bohemians Rodolfo and Mimi fall in love, but Mimi dies.
Hat Stand Opera – Boheme=Men Behaving Badly. Boys trash flat, chat up girls, go to pub, lose girls, lose cash, avoid nasty cough. Musical, anyone?
Brian Robison – Rodolfo is dreamy in / the life called “Bohemian,” / but a muff’s / not enough / & the TB does Mimi in.
N Lutzow – M & R sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. R wants to split, M gets sick, & by end of Act IV her heart don’t tick
Third Lady – name: rodolfo. city: paris. interests: drama, seamstresses. relationship status: single>in a relationship>it’s complicated>single

Classical Review – First, her candle goes out. Then, in the end, her candle goes out.
Classical Review – ‘Christ! Your hands are freezing! And you should really see someone about that cough … ‘
Fun With Iago – Of all the artist lofts in all the world, that consumptive dame had to light her candle in mine. Well, we’ll always have Paris
Pattyoboe – Cold hands, warm heart. Come Spring, we will part. Cough cough, say goodbye. Warmer hands, but still I die.
MMmusing – Performer fiddles w/bird~Poet authors romance~Painter brushes w/ex~Philosopher thinks coat sale. Siren scoffs~Seamstress coughs.

Music Vs Theaer – OMG, so, it’s like a remake of ‘Rent’, only they used, like, CLASSICAL music. What a cool idea, right?” Cue facepalm.
Grrlpup – Ah, la vie boheme: no squares allowed, not even the meals! But in the end, the power of two will prevail: cough^2… bye^2, Mi^2
Grrlpup -Cold flat warmed. Cold hand held. Rudy’s cold heart is feigned…cold comfort. Mimi gets cold feet for viscount. Cold…nope, TB
Gwen May – TB progresses faster than self-perceived jilted lover
– We’re cold & poor. We are in love. But jealous. Let’s break up, but not till Spring. We miss them, they’re back! She’s dead. :(

Maura Lafferty – SWM seeks partner for epic love affair. Likes: poetry, wool coats, muffs. Dislikes: landlords, TB, sassy broads
Maura Lafferty – Rodolfo’s a friend of Mimi/ Who tried to do the shimmy/ But TB, that guff/ Cant be cured by a muff/ Who can save her? Not him-y
Danny Liss – My Parisian Bohemians, poor but happy. No, not THAT one. Hey, I wrote mine first! There’s more to me than a homocidal clown!

La Cenerentola (Rossini – )
Gerrit Theule – A wicked stepdad, a fairy godfather, and matching bracelets. The girl’s the same but Walt’s “Cinderella” this is not.
Molly Block – Recipe for a princess: Mix: 1 father; 1 daughter; 2 ugly stepsisters; 1 prince; 2 bracelets. Blend w/ rain, kindness, & humility.
John Pitcher – The Bachelor with two ugly step-sisters and no implants
Molly Block – Recipe for a princess: Mix: 1 father; 1 daughter; 2 ugly stepsisters; 1 prince; 2 bracelets. Blend w/ rain, kindness, & humility.
Dustefjerten – A servant in the cinders. A price bound on marriage. And two power-hungry sisters and their dad. A tangled web indeed

Opera San Jose – Once upon a time, there was no pumpkin coach, no glass slipper and no evil stepmother. Disney can kiss my a@#. The end.
Frindley – And what is the use of a Cinderella,” thought Alice, “without glass slippers or pumpkins?”

La Clemenza di Tito (Mozart – )
Bonnie Situation – S: Will assassinate 4 sex. No, I take it back. Sorry dude, my bad. T: NP, I luv you man. V: My bad too! T: OK, Ur forgiven 2

La Fancuilla del West (Verdi – )
Dr Geoduck – “I’m really a bandit named Ramerrez. I go by the name ‘Dick Johnson’ so people don’t think I’m a knob.”
Patty Andreu – Two men. A woman. The Far West.A dance. Love. A confession. A card play. A betrayal. An exec…BASTA! A Happy End.
EG Meijer – High stakes poker at the O.K. Corral. Lady takes all.
Music Biz Kid – Poor maiden falls 4 no-good man? Pity her not: 2 aces in sock beat 1 up sleeve. Damsel on horseback saves Dick, day. Love, FTW!
Henri DrostI play poker, carry a gun and will read you the bible. Oh, and I’m in love with a smuggler, got a problem with that, sheriff?

Thomas Rhodes – Its a tale of Minnie, a marm, N’a thief’at meant her no harm, The law wont let’em loose, In the end she saves’em from the noose

La Fille du Regiment
MMmusing – Marie is a French GI Jane/Mom says the girl is insane/2 fall 4 the tenor/but he’s sure 2 win’er /He sings 9 hi Cs with no strain!

La Forza Del Destino (Verdi -)
Irene Vartanoff – I killed the wrong guy, actually lost my fiancee somewhere, and now her brother-my newest best friend-wants to kill me. Pace!

La Giaconda
Irene Vartanoff – Love. Betrayal. Marriage. Murder. Madness. Death. Suicide. This opera obviously needs a ballet interlude to liven it up
Megocelest – Flowers, jealousy, gypsies, suicide, arson, illness, minstrels, and not a filet in sight!
Frindley – Hello muddah, hello faddah, I’m in love w/ Gioconda! But she hates me (so enticing), And goes in for all this noble sacrificing

La Grande Macabre (Ligeti – )
Bloody Mortimer – sex in graveyard, BDSM, hallucinatory stargazing, political satire, more sex & drugs & booze, apocalypse (featuring harmonicas)

La Rondine (Puccini – )
PattyoboeLove is in the air and at Bullier’s! But her sordid past nixes marriage; it’s something she just can’t swallow
Opera San Jose – Wanted: hottie to help re-live memories of youth. Includes clubbing & running away to Riviera; conservatives need not apply.
Christin Cole – Pretty gal disguises herself as someone of substance; chooses love, passion, the beach!…maybe not. Tenor bummed: she swallowed.
In The Theatre – Woman with a past loses her heart to a young man. He proposes, she panics and leaves while he collapses in tears.
Christin Cole – Pretty gal disguises herself as someone of substance; chooses love, passion, the beach!…maybe not. Tenor bummed: she swallowed.

La Sonnambula (Rossini – )
Mere Foix – The Swiss Showdown! Jealous BF vs Sleepy Stuntgirl.
Alejoplay – omgengaged! but wait, she sleepwalks! omgnotengaged! sing pretty aria on precipice! forgiven! joy!
Irene Vartanoff – Found in another man’s bed and you claim it’s innocent? Our wedding’s off. Hey, get down from there! Wake up! The wedding’s on.
R Lowen BVT – Something amiss On the precipice The slope is steep But she’s asleep Lisa bad, Elvino decides Now Amino is once again his bride
Music Biz Kid – Amina’s town’s hallucination/and her fiancé’s hesitation/2 remain involved/is finally solved/by the sight of her sleep-ambulation

La Traviata (Puccini – )
Paul JZ – Her name was Violet, she was a call girl. With camélias in her hair & consumption in the air. At the AH-PRAH! Don’t fall in love!
Irene Vartanoff – Let’s toast the courtesan way. Life is fun! You want to love me? Not today. Oh, okay. Cough. Uh-oh
TB Schlaf – It’s all drinking, dancing, and card games til someone comes down with consumption. Addio!
Madison Opera – The fallen one/is tons o’ fun.She ♥’s Alfredo/against her credo.Loss ensues, she hits da booze/in the end she dies of consumption
N Brockmann – Consumptive doxy wooed by nice guy-pa makes her end it. Big fight. They make up, she dies-all while bored violas play oom-pah-pah

P Schleuse -Tuberculosis Really Aggravates Violetta’s Inappropriate Affection Towards Alfredo
Hat Stand Opera – Camellias R red, camellias R white, now that you’re back dear, I feel quite alrigh…
Shevinka – Patient-V Valery Symptoms-coughing,crying,coluratura Diagnosis-broken-hearted,tuburcular soprano Prognosis-death Notify-AGermont
Harry Fiddler – It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to…
Mandy Inhofer – A loves V,V wants 2 b free/A wins over V,one scene of glee/A’s dad says ‘No’,V says ‘gotta go’/A&V reunite; E strano!&Goodnight

Nicole Brockmann – Vestal virgin+beau canoodle, dousing temple fire. Fate: death–til flame Spontini-ously reignites in storm. So they wed instead.
Sam Neuman – Father is less than enthusiastic about son’s love affair with aging, bankrupt, terminally ill prostitute. Can you believe it?
Dumbledad – I cannot help falling for an arrogant youngster. Boy does his dad hate me. OK I’ll leave. Wait till I’m dying to love me. Operas!
Olivia Giovetti -Tart-with-a-heart ditches her Parisian party girl lifestyle to shack up with young naive lover. Because THAT always ends well…

La Vestale
Nicole Brockmann – Vestal virgin+beau canoodle, dousing temple fire. Fate: death–til flame Spontini-ously reignites in storm. So they wed instead.

La Voix Humaine
XYZ Hudson -sad sweetie croons to leaving lover on later lethal telephone, would cordless have saved her to love another day?
EG Meijer – ♫ I just called to say I love …beep …beep … ♫ I just called to say how much I …beep …beep … … … … … … … …
AMM_Music – Important phone call – damn the Paris telephone service
Otterhouse – *Sings* “You leave me h-a-a-a-a-a-a-nging on the t-e-e-e-lepho-hone” (but then in French)…
Kelly Pappageorge – You’re getting married tomorrow?! Can you hear me now? I almost killed myself. Can you hear me now? Next time let’s just text.

La Wally
Third Lady – this altitudinous final scene/is hard to stage, and rarely seen/requiring many tons of snow/what opera house can spend the dough?

Lady MacBeth of Mtensk (Shostakovich – )
Harry Fiddler – Desperate housewife shags the help, knifes the hubby, knocks off the in-law and ends up in a ditch. Should be on TV. Maybe it is
52573111 – Feeble husband, grubby dad-in-law, a seductive and muscly hired help, and some mushrooms – off to Siberia with you!
Lattavanti – Bored lady raped by book-lover, attempts to jump-start Russian revolution with rat poison. Fails, takes jump herself.
R Lowen BCVT – Mtensk is the place 2 be The new farmhand is the 1 for me Zinovy and I have no rapport Sergei I love U, lets murder father-in-law

Lakmé (Délibes – )
Nicole Brockmann – Hindu priest’s daughter, spurned by one who loved honour more, Delibes-erately offs self w/datura. Sponsored by British Airways
Thos Carpenter – Soldier desecrates holy ground, falls in love, is sentenced to death. He must leave her, presumably on British Air, so she dies.

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  1. Irene Vartanoff

    Irene Vartanoff – Hojotoho! Heiaha. Repeat. Now sleep in the fire for X years, then take a last ride.

    On this list under Forza. It’s Die Walkure.

  2. La Cenerentola:
    Missing operaplot from @frindley
    “And what is the use of a Cinderella,” thought Alice, “without glass slippers or pumpkins?” #operaplot #rossinidowntherabbithole

  3. pschleuse

    My Traviata entry should include the hashtag #operaacronym.

    Also, “Lamento d’Arianna” is not the name of the opera. It’s just “Arianna.” Otherwise my operaplot doesn’t really make sense.

  4. Mine (Amndw2 – An anxiously murderous Scot/Whose wife on her hand sees a spot/Thinks fate is his friend/But falls in the end/The Bard wrote this #operaplot) is actually Verdi’s Macbeth rather than Lady Macbeth of Mtensk.

    • Miss Mussel

      I can’t figure out why so many of yours are missing….I remember seeing them during the transfer and then somehow they didn’t make it here. Weird.

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