Rheinmaidens Can Haz Cheezburgers Too

#Operaplot 2010 is a wrap, folks. It’s been all sorts of fun abusing libretti with you. Judging will begin shortly. Follow @missmussel or keep your eyes on your RSS feeder for further details throughout the weekend and into next week.

Miss Mussel didn’t make one of these when the meme was going around a couple of years ago. Thankfully, Nicole Brockmann, #operaploteuse extraordinaire gave her an excuse to jump on a two-year old bandwagon. Who ever said opera wasn’t cool.

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  1. NBrockmann

    Ha! Glad it got a chuckle. Love “operaploteuse” — I think I will put it on my business cards. And yes, Rhinemaidens absolutely can has cheezburger! Not Alberich, though. No cheezburger for him.

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