Save The Date: #Operaplot Is Back

You heard it hear first, folks….or on Twitter if you were there first before coming here. As always, there are still some details to be wrapped up before the start date but what’s most important is the dates, which are 26th-30th April.

This year’s contest is NEW & IMPROVED and NOW WITH 50% MORE FUN, which means you’d better get lots of work done next week because the week after will probably be a write-off. Spring weather and a bit of fun are a heady combination and Miss Mussel doesn’t want to be responsible for stalling economic recovery.

Details wills be released as they come in first via Twitter (follow me @missmussel) and then here in a more organized, archived fashion.

If you’re not sure what Twitter is, here’s a small primer. If you’re already on it and could do with a few suggestions on how to keep track of subjects more efficiently, head on over here.

Everything you could ever want to know about last year’s competition can be found in the #operaplot category.

Journos, bloggers, Oprah:
I will be making a proper press release with all the details next week sometime. If you weren’t on the list last year and want to be this year, drop Miss Mussel a line at with PRESS LIST in the subject.

That’s all for now….watch this space!

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