Avant et Après



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  1. These are amazing, and I am doing everything in my power to avoid the thought of making my own xtranormal movies. It’s like a do-it-yourself “Fun with Real Audio” from SNL’s Saturday TV Funhouse.

    From a nerdy aesthetic perspective, what’s fascinating is how the humor plays off the tension between realistic/absurd. If the gestures were less robotic, it wouldn’t be nearly as funny – but the gestures are familiar and recognizable, as are some of the wryly delivered inflections.

    Where did you find this? And how do I avoid ever getting sucked into watching these 24/7? Bonus multimedia comment here. Pretty damn meta, right?

  2. This is hilarious — what a great find! To continue Michael’s humor analysis, I think it’s inherently funny to hear musician slang (and occasional obscenities) rendered in robotic voices. Anyone else remember experimenting along these lines with Speak-n-Spell? Hours of entertainment.

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