Decca Classics To The Rescue

Miss Mussel has been 100% impressed with your entries this year. They have distinguished themselves in quality and quantity. One of the great pleasures of this contest is watching what you all do with the very simple instruction to “summarize the plot of an opera in 140 characters or less.”

Of course, all your enthusiasm has created a bit of a problem, namely that only 0.5% of entries would receive a prize. Miss Mussel is well aware that all of you are simply playing for the joy of the game and would enjoy it just as much even if there weren’t any prizes (*ahem*) but it still didn’t seem quite fair.

Luckily, the people at Decca Classics thought so too. They have already provided DVD sets for the original prize pool but now have upped the ante to honourable mention prizes and 10 copies of Jonas Kaufmann’s new Wagner/Mozart/Beethoven disc.


Here’s how it’s going to go down:

3-4 honourable mentions will get DVD prizes. Details as yet unknown. Will be announced with the grand prize winners on Friday morning.

The ten Kaufmann discs will be distributed to:

Best Pop Culture Reference: Paul Ziller (@PaulJZ) and Copacabana
Her name was Violet, she was a call girl. With camélias in her hair & consumption in the air. At the AH-PRAH! Don’t fall in love! [La Traviata]

Best Orphan Rescuer: Jennifer Peterson (@gaspsiagore) for her tireless efforts to unite orphaned plots with their families.

Best Tag/Strapline: Gerrit Theule (@gtheule)
Bad things happen when clowns get sad.
[I Pagliacci]

Best Creative Use Of An #Operaplot: Brian Rosen (MusicVsTheater) for his Oedipus Rex rap

500th Entry: Andrew Lucas (ByTheWatersEdge)
Comedy of errors at Vienna ball with a husband & his wandering eye, his wife, his wife’s ex, a maid, and masked others. Hic! Hic! [Die Fledermaus]

If you won, please send your address details to The OM Inbox.

Randomly Selected Winners Miss Mussel followers were asked to choose five random numbers between 1 and 907 (the total number of entries). @RonanCollett, a singer from London, was the first responder and he chose 150, 279, 648, 713, 826.

Entry numbers 150, 279, 648, 713, 826 turned out to be:

150: Patrick Swanson – Everyone is so mean to me/I have strange visions=Gotta kill mother of my child. How does one get blood out? *glurg* [Wozzeck]

Karl Steel – At 30ish, I’m too old for you, kiddo; go ahead, have my blessing: dodge the greedy fat guy & marry the nubile youngster [Der Rosenkavalier]

648: Jennifer Stumm – Hell, I would’ve been better off staying home with a margarita. [Faust]

713: Frindley – The horns orgasm and it’s all downhill from there in the face of young love. Who’s it by? Mozart: you can tell from the costumes [Der Rosenkavalier]

826: Opera San Jose – Once upon a time, there was no pumpkin coach, no glass slipper and no evil stepmother. Disney can kiss my a@#. The end. [La Cenerentola]

If you won, please send your address details to The OM Inbox.

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  1. Man, my brain is in a weird place! I first read “5 random people get disked.” as “5 random people get dissed.” Then my brain turned it into “5 random people get disliked.”

    I think I had better go practice. Let’s see if my music reading skills are better than my blog reading skills, eh? ;-)

  2. I’m [Paul JZ] turning 40 on saturday…so this is a wonderful and unexpected early gift! Thank you Decca, and T.O.M.!!!

    (I will email you my email T.O.M.)

    Does this mean I’m an honorable mention, or it this a separate prize, as per the category noted?

    I LOVES me some J.K.!!!

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