‘Friend Of Dorothy’ Fiddle

A friend of a friend ended up buying a violin from Reinhard Goebel, founder of the now defunct Musica Antiqua Köln. When the new owner opened the case, he found that someone had indulged in a delightfully ribald spot of aftermarket accessorizing.

Here’s the ‘Friend Of Dorothy’ fiddle in action. Goebel is the redly-bespectacled gentleman. You can’t see much detail but the ivory tuning pegs and oddly coloured bridge are a dead giveaway.

Miss Mussel is familiar with brass players who go crazy about the wrap of the tubing [seriously nerdy] and alloy percentages [terminal], but so far she hasn’t encountered any other Sharpie-based bursts of creativity. Think of what could be accomplished on a double bass bridge or a set of tympani!

Does anyone else have a story about instrument modifications? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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