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Miss Mussel can live without Hulu, Pandora,, Comedy Central and Spotify (nearly). What she cannot abide is being denied access to the BBC iPlayer.

While Miss Mussel resented the shakedown letters that arrived at her televisionless house in Manchester on a regular basis, had a gogglebox existed at 27 School Lane, she would happily have paid. ~£150 pa seems a reasonable fee for what one was then allowed to access. The most basic cable in Canada costs double that.

BBC – why can’t foreign viewers pay for access to the iPlayer? We can already take advantage of the Listen Again feature for radio entirely without cost. 99p per episode perhaps? Either on the iPlayer itself or even available from iTunes?

Of course, for the enterprising person, there are various other methods of accessing UK television but most of them are at best barely legal and little too close to the survivalist/militia movement for comfort. Youtube is a vast resource but even so, it is worth paying to watch the film free of the injudicious cuts that are so often a feature.

So what’s prompted this venting of The OM spleen?

The Beeb’s summer opera season.

Canada does have its own public broadcaster but the slash and burn job inflicted on Radio 2 a couple of years ago has made it very clear that nothing even remotely approaching the depth of the Beeb’s season would ever appear on air here.

So mon cher le Beeb, Miss Mussel’s wallet is open. Why are you making it so difficult for someone access content in a sustainable manner? You can’t expect people to stand with their noses pressed against the glass forever.

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