Operaplot Side Pot Winners

In 2009, #operaplot and Twitter were novel, so just jumping on the bandwagon was enough to generate excitement. OPERA HOUSES ON TWITTER OMG YOU GUYS!!!!


In 2010, a few opera houses really embraced the contest and used it as a springboard for their own side competitions. This sort of initiative warms Miss Mussel’s cockles to the max.

The point of #operaplot is to get people excited about opera and going to their local opera house, so however that gets accomplished is suits this bivalve just fine.

Opera San Jose, Opera Theatre St Louis/American Lyric Theater NYC and English National Opera were all visionaries in the side pot arena. Here’s what they offered and who won.

Opera San Jose
Opera San Jose offered special prizes for their favourite Tweets about an opera in their 2010/11 season. Choice of Anna Karenina, Tosca, La Boheme and The Barber of Seville.

Name: Maura Lafferty (MLaffs)
Tweet: Buona sera my friend, but you’re blocking the end. Rosina’s a bride. Her love, he must hide, ’til Basilio’s will they can bend. [Barber of Seville]

Name: Daniel John Kelley (Fun With Iago)
Tweet: Of all the artist lofts in all the world, that consumptive dame had to light her candle in mine. Well, we’ll always have Paris [La Boheme]

Name: Patricia Mitchell (PattyOboe)
Tweet:Leaving your husband & child isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In the end she finally gets on track. [Anna Karenina]

Opera Theatre St Louis/American Lyric Theater NYC
Golden Ticket commissioner American Lyric Theater NYC is offering a framed excerpt from the score signed by composer Peter Ash, librettist Donald Sturrock, and bass-baritone Daniel Okulitch (Willy Wonka) for their favourite tweet relating to that opera.

Name: Gerrit Theule (@GTheule)
Tweet: Bratty, fatty, rich, or broke: Who’s the most deserving bloke? Mind the rules the Oompahs say; None, save Charlie, get to stay.

English National Opera
The UK’s English language opera house offered a special prize to their five favourite tweets about operas in their current or upcoming season. Options were: Idomeneo | Don Giovanni | Tosca | The Pearl Fishers | Cinderella | Faust | The Makropulos Case | Radamisto | A Dog’s Heart | La Boheme.

There were nearly 90 entries to choose from but ENO narrowed it down to the following:

Name: Amanda Watson@Amndw2)
Tweet: King: I didn’t drown! I’ll sacrifice…my son?! NO! Neptune: RELEASE THE KRAKEN! No, wait, changed my mind. [Wedding. Curtain.] [Idomeneo]

Name: Thos. Carpenter (@ThosCarpenter)
Tweet: A cautionary take for serial rapists everywhere: never invite a walking, talking statue from hell to a dinner party. [Don Giovanni]

Name: Gerrit Theule (@GTheule)
Tweet: Gerrit Theule – Painter captured by a cop. Rape a singer? She yells “stop”! Cop? He dies. Singer: “flies!” Tenor tricked in his demise. [Tosca]

Name: Daniel John Kelley (@FunWithIago)
Tweet: Of all the artist lofts in all the world, that consumptive dame had to light her candle in mine. Well, we’ll always have Paris[La Boheme]

Name: Brian Rosen (@MusicVsTheater)
Tweet: OMG, so, it’s like a remake of ‘Rent’, only they used, like, CLASSICAL music. What a cool idea, right? Cue facepalm. [La Boheme]

[ENO winners, please drop Miss Mussel a line with your address. Choice of prizes is first come first served]

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