Meet Your Operaplot 2010 Winners

#Operaplot 2010 Winners as selected by Jonas Kaufmann

[the winners came unordered in a list from Jonas. Understandably, it’s too difficult to choose a “best” one out of nearly 1,000 entries. The numbers 1-5 were randomly ordered by a Twitter follower and that’s the order in which winners chose from the prize pool, so there’s no first, second, third place as such]

Name: Sam Neuman (@SamNeuman) NYC
Tweet: Father is less than enthusiastic about son’s love affair with aging, bankrupt, terminally ill prostitute. Can you believe it? [La Traviata]

Prize: IRELAND! Courtesy of Opera Theatre Company in Dublin, Sam and a guest are heading to Ireland to see OTC’s production of The Marriage of Figaro. Prize includes flights and 3 nights stay at an O’Callaghan hotel.

Bio: Sam Neuman is a 28-year-old New York City publicist whose loves include opera, bacon, social networking, and playing Lady Gaga songs on the violin. He is beyond delighted to have found a practical outlet for his twin passions, Verdi and snarkiness.

Name: Micaela Baranello (@Lattavanti) Princeton, NJ
Tweet: Married girl in search of a good time accidentally causes moral collapse of Rome, influx of campy tenor nurses. [Coronation of Poppea]

Prize: Decca: The Ring Cycle Solti/Vienna Philharmoniker [14 CDs]

Bio: Micaela Baranello is a doctoral candidate in musicology at Princeton University, where she is writing her dissertation on 20th-century Viennese operetta. When not in the library or teaching, she is a frequent Met attendee and works as a stage manager and director of opera.

Name: Daniel John Kelley (@FunWithIago) NYC
Tweet: So I wrote this guy this EPIC love letter & he’s like “No thanks”, but now I’m married & rich & he’s all “OMG I LURV U!!” WTF? [Eugene Onegin]

Prize: Decca – Wagner: Great Operas From Bayreuth Box Set [33 CDs]

Bio: Daniel John Kelley is a playwright and native of Brooklyn, NY, where he lives with his girlfriend and his portrait of Verdi over his writing desk. So there’s that. He is the writer and creator of the children’s theatre series Monster Literature. You can stalk him at

Name: Bryan Johnson (@BryanImmLawyer) NYC
Tweet: You’d think after so many years of planning double murders she’d remember the axe. Instead, she dances with it and drops dead. [Elektra]

Prize: Since Bryan lives in NYC and there’s no local ticket prize, he’s decided to choose the Edmonton Opera’s prize pack and give it to his mother for Mother’s Day. Bryan’s mom will be heading to Edmonton Opera’s opening night performance of La Boheme on 23rd October 2010 and enjoying two nights at the Crown Plaza Chateau Lancombe.

Bio: Bryan C. Johnson is an immigration attorney in New York City. He wears big dorky headphones blasting opera, and spends an unhealthy amount of time at the Met. If you want to chat about opera, or have an immigration law question, shoot Bryan an email

Name: James Harrington @MusicBizKid) Nashville, Tennessee
Tweet: Idealistic poets take note: apparently “I wish to end economic injustice” sounds a lot like “just go ahead and kill me” in french [Andrea Chenier]

Prize: James has decided to take the Atlanta Opera up on their offer of 2 tickets to a 2010/11 season opera, dinner for two at MANGIA!, passes to their VIP intermission lounge, Intermezzo and FREE VALET PARKING!

Bio: New Hampshire-born/Nashville-based James Harrington is a 2006 Berklee College of Music grad and chorister with the Nashville Opera and Nashville Symphony. When he comes down from the shock of placing in this year’s #operaplot contest, he’ll return to singing, arranging, writing music-related copy, and conversatin’ with the rest of Twitter’s vibrant classical music community.

Runners Up

Runners up got a choice of the remaining Decca CD/DVD prizes. They haven’t all chosen yet but when they do, this page will be updated.

Name: Stephen Llewellyn (@LeBoyfriend) Portland, OR
Tweet: Kissed the girls and made them cry.Stabbed one¹s dad and watched him die. Offered chances to repent,he opted to be Hades sent. Men! [Don Giovanni]

Name: Josiah Gulden (@JGulden) Minneapolis, MN
Tweet: Sorry 2 drop this on u babe, but I¹m *technically* still married to a suicidal 16 y/o geisha & turns out she had my kid. Oops? [Madama Butterfly]

Name: Ralph Graves (@RalphGraves) Virginia
Tweet: Greek musician goes to hell and back. Wife only makes it halfway. [Orfeo e Euridice]

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