Want Your Classical(ish) CD/DVD/Book Reviewed?

In our corner of the universe, August is a dead zone. We laze about the garden, rediscover that it is possible read for pleasure and find ourselves unable to live without daily updates on the latest baby zoo animal. Miss Mussel’s contribution to this lolly-gagging is the inaugural 31 Reviews Project.

During the regular season, Miss Mussel rarely does CD/DVD/Book reviews mostly because she doesn’t have time. It seems that being a super cool classical music blogger doesn’t translate into free groceries — yet another sign of society’s decaying moral values and inability to appreciate the finer things life has to offer. Obviously.

To do this 31 Reviews Project, Miss Mussel needs to stuff to write about. This is where you come in.

Miss Mussel is open to most things that are at least tenuously related to art music of the classical persuasion. Anything from Renaissance plain chant to yesterday’s composition is fair game as are discs put out by individual artists, boutique labels and the big boys at Universal/Sony/EMI.

Please do not send your audition disc or a demo. Miss Mussel cannot get you a job/recording contract.

You don’t necessarily need to be a professional but please send something that does not extinguish all hope that one day you may be. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t supply a link where someone can buy your item, it’s probably better to save yourself the postage.

Important: If you send something, you are giving The OM permission to stream one track of a CD or up to 5 minutes of a DVD to help people get a better idea of what your work sounds like. Should items received before this notice was posted be chosen for the Review Project, permission will be sought before content is posted.

Send items to: Miss Mussel – 314 Woolwich Street, Guelph, Ontario, CANADA N1H 3W3
Note to our downstairs neighbours: you need extra stamps to get an item to Canada. Miss Mussel will not make up the difference for insufficient postage.

Part of the reason for doing this project is to see what models work best for reviewing on the intertubes. 100 words and image of the cover doesn’t seem to cut it these days. Any thoughts on what you’d like to see in a review can go in the comments below.

Side discussion: Are reviews even valuable any more?

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