Funnels Up

Reader Birgit, whose husband plays in the horn section of WDR Köln, sends this amuse-yeux:

“Two weeks ago, when they rehearsed the second act of Wagner’s “Tristan” for Semyon Bychkovs farewell concert, my husband’s American colleague started laughing when she read in her score that she should play with “the funnel” instead of the bell upwards. Unfortunately, I don’t know which publishing company edited this bilingual score version …”

Miss Mussel used to be able to tell the publisher of a score from the paper and typeface. This one screams Kalmus but it’s been a while. Anyone else have a guess?

Also, this is the first edition Miss Mussel has encountered with translations. Dodgy as they are, their presence destroys Miss Mussel’s theory that all score markings really mean “play louder.”

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