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Hello Fanbase and readers who are not yet acolytes of the OM.

So, August was
meant to be the 31 Days of Reviews except that it’s the 17th and only one review has been posted. The lazy days of summer have over taken any will Miss Mussel had to sit inside in front of her stereo or television, so the event has been moved to September. Yes, eagle eyes, that does mean that there will be 3.2% less review. Shock and horror all round, Miss Mussel is sure.

If you have something you’d like to add to the possibility pile, Miss Mussel will gladly supply the address.

Some opera houses
have been writing already to inquire about #Operaplot 2011. Miss Mussel is impressed by your forward planning and will respond shortly. For everyone else who is wondering what’s going on, the current update is: it’s on in April again, some new things are in the works but at basic level it will go down exactly the same way it did last year.

It’s been a pleasant surprise to see people keeping the #operaplot hashtag going on the Tweeter. According to the Miss Mussel School of Make-It-Up-As-You-Go-Along-PR, that’s a pretty big deal. Thanks gang!

Hope you are all enjoying the last moments of respite before the monster Mahler Year shoots out of the gate. If his symphonies are any indication (and why wouldn’t they be) it’s going to to be at least 500 days wherein our anxiety about death is repeatedly heightened and then, in turn, assuaged by folk tunes, cowbells, broccoli-loving children (or is it asparagus?) and a cuckoo not quite on board with the idea that a minor third has 3 semitones, not 5.

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