Jackie Evancho Redux

This past month, Miss Mussel has been following the progress of 10-year old singer Jackie Evancho on America’s Got Talent for the LA Times.

Jackie has made it to the finals and on Tuesday will be singing for $1 million against Yankee Doodle dandy Prince Poppycock, soul singer Michael Grimm and dance troupe Fighting Gravity.

What’s been most interesting about the Culture Monster posts has been the comments. Jackie divides opinion strongly, which ensures that comments sections are entertaining if not quite a “mutually respectful exchange of ideas”.

It’s not to late to put your two cents in. Here are the starting points:

A ten year old singing opera. Is it opera? Is she killing her voice? Is she lip-synching?
Comments aren’t available on this piece because it was originally in the paper proper. If you have a thought either leave them here, write on your own blog or work them into comments on one of the following blog posts.

There was quite a difference in sound between her audition tape and the first two AGT performances. Is her coach a puppet of the evil genius Simon Cowell trying to make her sound more marketable? Is it amplification? Is it just how her voice is? Compare if you dare.

Before Jackie, there was Julie, Beverley, Charlotte and Andrew. Who’s better?

Short, lucrative career now or unknown but longer-lasting career later?

There’s $1 million on the line. What should she sing to secure the cash?

Jackie’s fauxpera/light classical competitor on this year’s show was the delightful Prince Poppycock. What’s the story on him, yo?

Micheal Grimm wins the money but Jackie gets a duet with her idol.

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