The OM New York Tour


Tour dates: First two weeks of October.

She is very excited about this. Obviously [!]

On the agenda so far are Alex Ross’ New Yorker Festival lecture, a couple evenings at Le Met, a possible monster Twitter peeps meetup, loads of walking, getting outcooled by hipsters in Williamsburg, getting run over by Filipina nannies and their Bugaboo prams in Central Park and some journo work for a small west coast rag.

Three things:

1) If anyone fancies meeting up, drop Miss Mussel a line
2) What should a bivalve who doesn’t really like recreational shopping and doesn’t have a long museum attention span do in this citiest of cities? Non-Manhattan suggestions welcome.
3) Is is possible to get a pay-as-you-go SIM for an iphone in the US of A? Otherwise, $1.45 a minute for roaming and 3¢/kb? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? *ahem*

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