Catch Up

Miss Mussel hasn’t written much of substance here lately because she has been moonlighting elsewhere. Mostly for the Los Angeles Times but also the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star.

The OM was launched just over three years ago as a way for Miss Mussel to make a name for herself, so it would be disingenuous to imply that these gigs appeared out of nowhere. On the other hand, never in a million years did this bivalve from small town Canada ever think that Los Angeles was in the cards.


Here’s what Miss Mussel has been saying. Apologies if you have already seen these pieces linked on Facebook and/or Twitter. The OM team is still working out who reads what in which format. (or, more deliciously, in which format Who reads What – when he’s on 1st)(obviously)

24th October – Young Concert Artists Has Come Up In the WorldLA Times

13th October – The YouTube Symphony Orchestra is back for a second year — but why?LA Times

8th October – The Metropolitan Opera’s live movie screenings turn 5, despite early skepticismLA Times

24th September – Gustavo Dudamel And The Vienna Philharmonic Go To Kentucky – But Why?LA Times

18th September – Opera’s Rail Is A Change Of PerspectiveToronto Star

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