Trompe d’iPhone

Those of you on the Tweeter or Facebook will have seen these photographs already but it’s worth reposting here simply because Miss Mussel can’t figure out how this happened exactly.

  • There were not tricks and any post-processing was just filters, not image manipulation.
  • This stripes on the plane are shadows, not paint.
  • The propeller tips were painted yellow.
  • The first photographs was taken in landscape, the second in portrait and the third at a 45º angle.

Any photogs or computer nerds out there with an idea as to why the camera didn’t record the propeller as a blur like Miss Mussel’s eyes?

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  1. Karan

    Post processing: In addition to the capture using a raster scan like technique from a top corner to bottom oppositte corner, the software later tries to stitch together the photograph, which if it is attempting to capture a fast movement may result in the pictures above, different kinds of postprocessing softwares can give different results on the same raw image capture.

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