Advent 2010: A Hostile Takeover


This is not the voice of Miss Mussel rather, it is the voice of Frere Mussel. In lieu of forfeiting the Advent calender to Father Time, I have staged a hostile take over from across the pond. So for the next little while I will be dishing out the Advent hits Barihunk style.

Before we get started, please note, I do not punctuate well. Amen.

According to the oracle that is Wikipedia the Advent calendar is a German invention. Created by Lutherans in the early 19th century.

At first meager chalk markings on doors to count the 24 days of Christmas, then later upgraded to public advent wreaths circa 1839 then the first printed Advent calender rolled off the line in Hamburg in 1903.

Now every Tom, Dick and Harry publishes an Advent calender with content that would make baby Jesus cry. But I digress.


I thought it would be fitting to start with the opening chorus to Bach’s Weihnachts Oratorium, or for short W.O (BWV 248 for all you nerds out there)

W.O for the Germans is like Messiah for us waspy folk. In Berlin alone there are 40 different performances of W.O! Here is the opening chorus. The aesthetic in this video couldn’t be more German, or more perfect for this work.

After that toe tapper it is time to move on to the closing chorus. A workout for the trumpets, and after 3 hours of music really has that “Bring it home sista'” feeling to it. At least that is how I feel at the end after sitting in my chair freezing my ass off in a 400 year old church and being interfered with by the principle cellist’s bow.

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