Dear Australia

Thanks to a dodgy web feed of Channel 9 via Pakistan and then Sweden, Miss Mussel was privy to your spectacular bowling collapse over the weekend. It was sad to watch. Please take the week to get yourselves together and give England a proper run for their money in the second Test.

While Australia fans are used to completely dominating opponents, this is a new feeling for the En-ger-land nation and it makes us uneasy. Getting pummeled by the Aussies in Australia was the one thing we knew we could count on. Without that, we are forced to question the validity of everything else about which we were previously certain: gravity, the brilliance of clotted cream, our own existence.

In an effort to get things back to normal as soon as, we extend this Christmas carol-shaped Get Well Soon card. Come on Oz – GET IN THERE!

FYI – this post is about cricket. The Ashes, a series of five, five-day matches played roughly every 18 months between England and Australia since 1888 is on now until January. Cricket: not as boring as you’d think.

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  1. Chickenfeet2003

    It was a weird match. I thought Anderson’s spell on the third morning was probably the best I’ve ever seen anyone bowl without taking a wicket.

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