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Happy Trololo To You

December 17th, 2010
Because gigs are apparently more important that the OM Advent Calender, Frere Mussel has begged off this weekend. Honestly, some people’s kids. Never mind. It’s nice to be back in the saddle for a few days. A quick poke around Youtube resulted in these Christmas greetings courtesy of Gifford Children’s Choir from Racine Wisconsin. It’s cute and frightening in equal measure. Worryingly, at about 2:07, it seems like this is an earnest cover rather than a send-up of the original. Miss Mussel’s brain has been in sly-wink mode for so long that it can hardly work out how to process unirony. If you haven’t seen the video this is spoofing/emulating – feast your eyes and ears. This is a multi-sensory delight. .

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