Haven’t You Always Wondered?

Why ballet shoes are pink? How are art installations put together? In a fight between the director and conductor of the opera, who wins?

Good news Captain Curious! Miss Mussel is working on a new column, which is intended to be a sort of Snopes for the arts. To get this under way, she needs some questions.

Here are a few guidelines:

1) The audience is newspaper readers, so the best questions are not super nerd-outs like
“Why, in his 1706 treatise on flute playing, does Quantz advocate playing 4 not 5 notes in a mordant?”

2) Space is short. At the moment, less than 200 words is available for question and answer. As such, questions like “Why is Miss Mussel so awesome?” don’t work because there simply isn’t space to enumerate all the reasons. Even if there was, there aren’t enough hours left in your life to read them.

3) Questions of taste – “What do you think of the operas of Debussy?” – aren’t ideal.

4) Anything arts-related is fair game, no matter how tangentially. This is definitely not a classical music only gig.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Pop your questions in the comments. If one of yours is used, Miss Mussel will get in touch to let you know.

2) Suggestions for the name of the column are most welcome as well.

3) Tell all your friends. A good-sized question pool will definitely help get things rolling.


  1. Chickenfeet2003

    How does an opera house go about commissioning a new work?

    Why are there so few video recordings of north American opera productions, other than the Met?

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