I have returned….

Hello everybody, ’tis I, Frere Mussel. I have returned, here, to the Advent calender after a weekend of gigging. In retrospect 3 concerts in 2 days in 2 different cities may have been a bit much. However, the trumpet has sounded, the lamb was worthy and Joseph and the Holy Family escaped Herod’s evil clutches in the French county side. (That last one was L’enfance du Christ, just so you know.)

So today I bring you the final two choruses of Messiah. Worthy is the Lamb, and the Amen. Really this is a stunning finale to a very drawn out, over-played piece of work. As a soloist I love to hear the opening trumpet line in Worthy is the lamb soaring over everything. It is like a signal from on high….just 8 minutes to go. This year I sang Messiah twice without intermission. That trumpet was gold.

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