Like it or lump it

I would now like to draw your attention to O Holy Night. I don’t feel I need to go through all the hullabaloo of explaining to everyone the origins etc… If you do not know this carol you clearly live under a rock, on Mars.

I would rather like to focus on one particular version. I grew up listening to The Gaithers and The Gaither Vocal Band thanks to Mère et Père Mussel. Now that I am grown up, Southern Gospel doesn’t really float my boat. Nevertheless, it is part of my musical heritage.

This version is sung by David Phelps on one installment of the Gaither’s never ending Homecoming DVD/Video series.

Phelps grew up in Tomball, Texas near Houston. He attended Baylor University, (where he directed the Baylor Religious Hour Choir) graduating in 1992 with a degree in music and vocal performance. Blah blah blah he ended up in the Gaither Vocal Band.

His tops are amazing he sings multiple C#s in this version with what seems to be no problem at all.

Sure the arrangement is tacky – we all know arpeggios are not hard, they just sound impressive. There is no live band, and there is a auditorium full of Republicans. If you can look past all that and just enjoy in the instrument, it is quite amazing.

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