Lovely To Make Your Acquaintance

Miss Mussel has been doing a bit of retrospecting on this past year by way of poking around her stats program and discovered that you’re quite the motley bunch.

100,000 of you viewed 1.25 million pages, which resulted in the meaningless but too-delightfully-large-to-not-mention figure of 2.8 million hits.

Mostly you are Americans from New York, California, Illinois and Massachusetts, but there are also consistent pockets of visitors from Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia and France.

6,000 pages were viewed by someone identified only as “European Country,” which can only mean the OM is a bit of an obsession with the folks at the EU in Brussels. Obviously.

A special OM shout-out to the lone readers in Guernsey, New Caledonia (French), Turkmenistan, Suriname, Mauritania, Grenada, Mali, Malawi, Tonga and Cape Verde. Thanks for stopping by.

When you did arrive, you stayed on average for 5 minutes and 3 seconds or 2 minutes and 46 seconds depending on which stats program Miss Mussel consulted.

Both programs agree that, based on the length of time on the site and number of pages viewed, the 2010 OM Superfans are Dutch.

Thanks to everybody that stopped by even if it what you were really looking for was black rain or the Excel logo.

Onwards to 2011!

[that’s two thousand eleven, everybody. There’s something about the tee sound in twenty that makes Miss Mussel crazy. Not the good kind.]

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