So, how’s YOUR Polish?

Mine is really quite bad. I have been to Warsaw twice in the last six months and have learned how to say “Airport” and “Okay”, but not in that order. It is a very beautiful language so it might be worth increasing my vocabulary by 500% by 2012.

Upon my request, my Polish correspondents have sent me a beautiful Polish Christmas carol. “Jezus malusieńki” or “Infant Jesus” is a traditional Polish carol. Unfortunately, I am not able to learn anything more about this carol using my two Polish words “Okay” and “Airport” but have a listen.

1. On a straw bed lying, infant eyes are crying
winter numbs his limbs so tiny, comfort all denying

2. Virgin poor and lowly. Mother pure and holy
Sweetly gazed on Her sweet Infant, One, so tender, lovely (2).

3. Mother’s eyes are crying and we Hear Her sighing
Oh, my Son, my most Beloved One, on a straw bed lying

4. Neither crib nor pillow, as the icy winds blow,
“Dearest Mary, cuddle Jesus, as in love your heart glows.”

5. Kneeling we adore you, humbly bow before you,
May our voices praise this wonder: Word made flesh, our God, true.

6. Worship the Divine Child, love His Heart, meek and mild.
Infant Jesus make our hearts pure, keep them undefiled.

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