The Final Three

We are now coming to the end of our aural Advent Calender, I have tried to show some good, some bad, some pop, some classical and whatever else came to me in various moments of Christmas inspiration.

As you have probably gathered I was a boy soprano, and loved it. Soaring with ease above the rest of the voices, always singing the melody. It was nothing but glamour. How is the mighty fall’n, I am now a bass. When I was a child I always loved singing the descant, as I mentioned a few days ago Willcocks has written many of the descants that are essentially canonic in the choral literature. I feel robbed when ever I hear another descant, because then I cannot sing my childhood lines 2 octaves lower quietly to myself in the pew.

Here is Once in Royal David’s City which for me is one of my favourite carols. On a good day, I sing the descant just one octave down :-)

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