The Good the Bad the Ugly

Here we have, what is probably, the worst offending Carol for cheese-grater-to-face syndrome. The Little Drummer Boy. The song, originally titled “Carol of the Drum”, was written in 1941 by pianist Katherine K. Davis based on a traditional Czech carol. It has been covered by almost everyone from David Bowie to the Trapp Family and it was also reported to be the favorite Carol of Tricky Dicky.

I have searched and found the most unbearable version of this song by “famous” singers. All the “Me Singing dot dot dot” videos do not count.

Jessica and Ashley Simpson – Try to listen just long enough to hear Ashley doing her Cher “mister-sister impression

Following that gem, I would like to present one of the best covers of this song I have ever heard. And yes, I occasionally listen to it out of season.

Lauryn Hill – From the Rosie O’Donnell Christmas CD. Dear Ms. Hill: COME BACK!

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