The Madness Of An Extraordinary Plan

The Manchester International Festival is happening again this summer coming. Miss Mussel was there in 2009 and had a fabulous time. Mancunians are well known for their dismissive view of anything that sniffs remotely of pretension, so even though every event in the festival has been commissioned especially, the vibe steers well clear of the faux-intellectual naval gazing that many new (insert genre) festivals achieve.

There was literally something interesting to see every night – sometimes two things – and the city really seemed to light up while the festival was going on. There were plays, processionals, performance art, Miriam and Amadou an epic Hallé Orchestra/Elbow collaboration and a href=””>a brand new opera.

Here’s Mark Elder, conductor of the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester talking about a new dramatic prologue for Die Walküre that has been commissioned for the 2011 season. It could be shit. But it might be great. That’s what makes new things so enticing!

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