The Santa Narratives

Earlier this week we had 3 Kings, and now we have songs about dear Saint Nick.

1. Zat you Santa Claus — This mischievious little number conjures up an image crossed between the Grinch and something from the mind of Tim Burton. Picture Louis Armstrong in green face and a Santa suit…wait…maybe don’t do that. Just focus on the nice big brass section.

2. (Right below) Must have been Ol’ Santa Clause – The ever talented and lovely Harry Connick Jr. tells a tale of an evening of childhood adventure after being abducted by Santa Claus. I included this version of the song as a nod to my relatives in the Canadian armed forces.

3.(Left above) I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus – Although, I feel this perennial favourite would probably be more aptly named ‘I saw mommy whoring around with the milk man dressed as Santa Claus’ the young Michael Jackson leads us down the more innocent path.

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