Yes Whitney, I do hear what you hear

For our next installment of the Aural Advent Calender we turn to a song that generally gives me, Frere Mussel, as much pleasure as rubbing my face with a cheese grater does.

“Do you hear what I hear” was written in October 1962 with lyrics by Noël Regney and music by Gloria Shayne Baker. It was written as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Betcha didn’t know that! It went on to sell tens of millions of copies and spawned countless covers that make most of us cringe. But today, gentle reader, there is hope! Here are two versions of this song that I listen to occasionally in June.

Left: Whitney Houston live on the Jay Leno Show 199something. Let us bring him silver aaaaAAAAAND gold — Yes Ma’am.
Right: SF Boys Chorus. Not a contest, exactly. Just different.

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