#Operaplot 2011: Save The Date

#Operaplot 2011 will take place between 11th and 15th April.

More details to follow shortly. Either watch this space or follow the news on Twitter.

For some samples of last year’s contest – start here or check out the winners here

Opera houses: If your house hasn’t participated before, here’s a rough idea of what this is all about. It’s completely free to join up. All you have to do is come up with a prize to put into the Prize Pool (2010 example). Since participants are from all over the world, your prize is only awarded if a prizewinner chooses it. Odds are about 1 in 4 that will happen.

Veteran houses – you know the drill. Same as before -no fee- be as creative as you like. Miss Mussel will write with more details later this week but do feel free to do get in touch with any questions.

Participants: If you only use your Twitter account to participate in #Operaplot, Miss Mussel recommends that you dust it off and start using it before the contest starts. Last year, we found that it took Twitter a few days to index barely-used or new accounts, which made things a little less fun for you since no one else could see your little slices of genius. It helps to follow more that one or two people as well.

Bloggers Thanks so much for your interest. Without you, news of #Operaplot funtimes doesn’t get spread nearly as far. Miss Mussel is grateful but asks that you don’t link to last year’s rules. A 2011 version will be published soon.

PR and Label peeps This years we are trying to organized single CD or DVDs to go alongside the ticket pool. If your company or client has something that would be of interest to opera fans, do get in touch. Pitches that are not CD or DVD-shaped are welcome as well.

Miss Mussel and her team mate @Barihunk are looking forward to a great heap of operanerd fun again this year. Hope to see you there!

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