Eric Owens Reads A Few Favourite #Operaplots

It’s official. Eric Owens is hilarious.

If you’re new to the competition, everything you need to know is here. There’s still time to dazzle the world with your opera-related wit!


  1. Fabulous. We should all do this every day. What I’ve tweeted today:

    #operaplot Poet loves toy, prostitute & girl w/ odd illness. Has jealous muse, irritating friend & angry stalker. Misses date w/ hot singer.

    #operaplot Beautiful nymph loves prince. Gives up voice, family & lunar companion. Prince is stupid. Nymph kills him in lake. Justice much?

    #operaplot Poor kids live in loft. One dies of TB; one sings to a coat.

    #operaplot Warring families. Unfortunate lovers. Same story; just Shakespeare + singing.

    #operaplot Girl from Italy wreaks havoc on Mediterranean coast. Everyone shares onomatopoetic moment. Polygamist receives new title.

    #operaplot Girl writes spectacular love letter, accompanied by 20-minute aria. Boy rejects her. Girl marries rich. Ha, ha.

    #operaplot Misfit becomes tree.

    And a shameless plug for my own composition:

    #operaplot Boy wizard & friends save world from evil.
    (no $ involved here; just trying to gain permissions from JKR & WB)

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