#Operaplot 2011 Entries Days 1 and 2

Hello #Operaplotters! So, nearly 48 hours have passed and you’ve already tweeted 85% as many #operaplots as there were in all of 2010. Yikes!

More important that quantity though, is quality. You guys have definitely brought it this year. Really impressive stuff.

Some of you have asked to see a big list of all the plots. While you can see everything by going to http://www.search.twitter.com and putting #operaplot in the box, this format might be more pleasant for those that want to forgo the conversation bits and just see the entries.

For best visibility, hit the button on the far right hand of the tool bar beside the magnifying glass and it will open in Google Docs, so you can zoom in to your heart’s content. Have a look at your tweets to make sure they are all they. We are trying a new system of gathering this year that should be a ton more accurate. (Fingers crossed!)

This list includes everything up to 11:59 ET Tuesday evening, which is 5am Weds morning UK time and 2pm Weds afternoon in Sydney. If your plot is missing, please post it in the comments along with your Twitter handle.

If you haven’t commented here before, don’t panic if your comment doesn’t show up immediately. I have to approve it, which I will do as quickly as a I can.

[gview file=”http://theomniscientmussel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Operaplot-20112.pdf”]


  1. You just missed three of mine (from the PDF, the Google Doc isn’t loading into the page for me), and two were re-done from last year:

    @belinda Remember me, but ah do not archive my tweets #operaplot

    Do not open http://bit.ly/the-7th-door #operaplot

    Low on a plain sang a lonely sheep-herd. Layee odl layee odl layee oh. Skull-crushing rock his girlfriend’s giant heard. Layee … #operaplot

  2. No – you are OK. I think it was me using a beta of IE9, not the released version and having crazy corporate cookie lock-down. I’m sorted now and can see them fine. I also tried in Chrome’s incognito session (i.e. without any Google accounts etc) and the doc loaded fine in the page :-)

  3. thank you for adding this plot (posted Monday night? but missing from this list:
    Anna Anna bo banna, married to a fat man-a, Percy kisses her hand-a, Anna. Jane Jane bo bane, banana fanna fo fane. #operaplot @operatoonity

  4. Sorry, I cut and paste wrong version: Please strike the last plot. This is what was Tweeted Monday (@operatoonity):
    Anna anna bo banna, marries a fat man-a, Percy kisses her hand-a. Die, Anna! Jane jane bo bane, Anna’s death is your gain, Jane! #operaplot

  5. Evie

    Sorry if this is a stupid question (I’m an #operaplot virgin and only discovered it yesterday)but why are some of the comments shaded in blue? Thanks X

    Really, really enjoying the competition. So much fun!:D

    • Miss Mussel

      Not stupid, although admittedly the first time someone has asked! They don’t show up as blue on my browser but I would assume they are the responses to previous comments.

      Like if this one is blue. (Hopefully)

      Otherwise, I have no idea.

      Glad you’re enjoying the operaplot and it’s great to hear from a newbie.

      All the best,

      • Evie

        Oooh, thanks for replying! Yeah, I’m using an old computer. It must be something to do with that.

        Also, I have another question (which may or may not also be stupid) but…there isn’t an age restriction or anything? The FAQ page doesn’t seem to be working at the moment (probably also my computer’s fault) so I just though I’d check. I did look at it before and can’t remember it saying anything about it. I know that things like this are often for people over the age of eighteen (I’m sixteen) and it would be good to know if I’ve made a terrible faux pas or not. :)

        • Miss Mussel

          No age minimum. As long as you can write a plot, you can enter a plot.

          Just a warning, some of the plots people write do have swears and are a bit graphic on occasion, but you’re in high school, so it’s probably nothing you haven’t heard before.

          Plus, that’s kind of the way opera goes.

          Looking forward to seeing your entries!

          • Evie

            Oh, good. Yes, nothing I haven’t heard before! In fact, I think some of my entries are slightly foul-mouthed (I apologize for this). Besides, I have watched Anna Nicole so that’s what has probably corrupted myself and other tweeters.

            Thanks again for the reply. I will try and stop asking questions now. #operaplot is a fabulous idea and I’m so glad that it’s taken off in the way it has! It’s nice to know that there are so many others who both appreciate opera and have a sense of humour. :D

            No need to apologize. I don’t mind a few swears in aid of a good joke. Just being a boring adult ;)

  6. Hmmm. I left a message last night but I don’t see it so I might have neglected to hit “post”!

    Deleted & reposted with corrected typo:
    Ah telepods you rotten things! Transported, now I cry. That’s one experiment that failed – I’ve turned into a fly. #operaplot

    Dear Miss Manners, Mom is a total drama queen. She hates the guy I love (a real prince) & told me to stab him w this knife. Help! #operaplot

    Holding court for him’s no jest, he’ll mock each soul in sight. But now the curse is in the bag & he’s in for a fright. #operaplot

  7. This has been so much fun. We should all do this every day. @dumbledad, your updated Dido is fabulous. @patty, I love your Pamina letter. I’ve just tweeted these:

    #operaplot Poet loves toy, prostitute & girl w/ odd illness. Has jealous muse, irritating friend & angry stalker. Misses date w/ hot singer.

    #operaplot Beautiful nymph loves prince. Gives up voice, family & lunar companion. Prince is stupid. Nymph kills him in lake. Justice much?

    #operaplot Poor kids live in loft. One dies of TB; one sings to a coat.

    #operaplot Warring families. Unfortunate lovers. Same story; just Shakespeare + singing.

    #operaplot Girl from Italy wreaks havoc on Mediterranean coast. Everyone shares onomatopoetic moment. Polygamist receives new title.

    #operaplot Girl writes spectacular love letter, accompanied by 20-minute aria. Boy rejects her. Girl marries rich. Ha, ha.

    #operaplot Misfit becomes tree.

    And a shameless plug for my own composition:

    #operaplot Boy wizard & friends save world from evil. http://www.harrypotteropera.com

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